Integrations and APIs

Automation and APIs to make life simpler

Zapier & Webhooks

With webhooks from your campaigns, you will be able to automate a number of your processes. Eg: When someone clicks on schedule a meeting, trigger an email to you.

Slack Integration

Shorten urls directly from Slack. Our Slack integration helps you to auto shrink URLs from within your Slack workspace without having to jump to other screens.


Full Page Script

You no longer need to shrink URLs manually. Use our full page script to automatically shorten all URLs on the page. 

API Access for Developers

Powerful API options that allow you to deeply integrate our shortener tools with your site or platform.

Quick Shortener

Lightning Fast Mobile pages, personalized for your brand & products. Bio-links like linktr.ee


Instantly shorten links with our nifty bookmarklet widget. Just click the button on your browser and the link is automatically shortened and added to your Zo.Fo account.

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