Link Rotators

Switch with ease. 

Never loose a link again.

A/B Testing with Links

A/B Testing has never been easier. Set 2 or more links and  see which link has better  conversion to decide the winner. 

Fresh Posts

With zo.fo's link switcher, you can effortlessely swap the redirect link with ease. Eg: Say you have a Zo.Fo link on Forbes.com, using link rotation, you can switch the landing page at a later time without changing the link on Forbes.com  

Link switcher

Ever wanted to send visitors using iPhone to one page and visitors using Android to another page? Link switcher makes that possible. One link, two pages. 

Switch link by country

With one link, those who click on the link and are from France will be directed to one site and those from a different country can be directed to another site. Our precise targeting and link rotation makes this possible. 

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