Looking for the best alternative to Rebrandly?

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You’ve made the right decision and you’re going to love it.

5 Powerful Features that Rebrandly doesn't have

8x more affordable than Rebrandly

Truly Unlimited, no restrictions on links or clicks

Zo.Fo is the best alternative to Rebrandly

Five Powerful Tools in One

Rebrandly is a link shortener. Zo.Fo is a great link shortener and allows you to:

Password protect links

Auto QR codes on all our plans

Geo-target visitors and auto rotate links

Device tracking visitors on all our plans

Set timers for links to expire

Cheaper Alternative to Rebrandly

Zo.Fo's Starter plan and Pro plans are 60% to 90% cheaper compared to Rebrandly's equal plans

Zo.Fo's free plan is 10 times more generous than Rebrandly

Truly Unlimited

We offer unlimited links and clicks on all our plans. 

You will never have to worry about hitting the click limits every month. Get Unlimited clicks

Shortest Domain Name possible

Zo.Fo is just 4 characters, at par with Google (Go.gl) and Facebook (Fb.to)

Handy Bookmarklets

Add Zo.Fo to your browser, shorten links instantly

Using our bookmarklet you can create short links at once and add them to your Zo.Fo dashboard

Plus all the goodness of Rebrandly

Fine tuned redirections that offers a seamless experience to end users

Manage 1000s of links with ease, bundle them, switch or rotate links, all from one dashboard

All our links are secured behind encrypted HTTPS protocol to protect you and your customers

Use your own branded domain instead of Zo.Fo domain name

Integrate Zo.Fo's APIs with your systems and workflows to make creating links and tracking effortless

Set conversion goals and measure conversions. All the key metrics you need to optimise your campaigns.

Zo.Fo vs Rebrandly - Feature Comparison

Short links
Length of root domain
5 characters (Zo.Fo)
10 characters (Rebrand.ly)
Custom Domain
Customisable links
✅  (unlimited)
✅  (restricted)
Password Protect Links
Set Expiry Date for links
Geo Target visitors
✅  (in $69 plan)
Device Target visitors
✅  (in $69 plan)
QR Code for links
Targeting Pixels
✅  (in $69 plan)
Number of Links
✅  Unlimited
❌  (500 in $29 & 15000 in $69 plan)
Analytics per link
API access
✅  ($39 plan)
Custom SSL Cert
✅  (Enterprise plan only)
Team Members
✅  ($39 plan)
✅  (in $499 plan)
UTM Builder
Link Tags
✅  (in $69 plan)

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