Re-targeting using Pixels

Laser targeted marketing giving 4x ROI

Retargeting users on Facebook

Marketing to strangers is futile. Target visitors to your site and those who click on your links. Customize campaigns to increase ROI and ROAS. Eg: Target those who clicked on your Lead Magnet to book a demo call. 


Running campaigns on Quora. You now have the power to target visitors who click on your zo.fo links on Quora using their tracking pixel


Tag Manager

Integrate effortlessely with Google tag manager leveraging it to track your marketing campaigns with ease 

Retargeting on Google Ads

Best in Industry redirect and Link Rotation. Test campaigns by directing visitors on one link to predefined different landings pages


Link your Twitter pixel with your zo.fo account and watch as your Twitter marketing campaign's accuracy and sales shoot up.



We support Adroll pixels too. Easily integrate so you have ultra targeted marketing campaigns when reaching out to customers on Adroll 

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